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JPM produces all kinds of turnover tools for semiconductor sealing and testing process. The main products are:
1. wafer turnover tools: chip ring, storage rack, crystal boat box.
2. bracket turnover box: common box, slotted box, LED box.
3. all kinds of hanging baskets: stainless steel or aluminum alloy.
4. various production vehicles: JIG & Carrier, metal pipe, sampling inspection tools, etc.
JPM has many years of experience in the application, design and manufacture of solid crystal loading tools, and can provide customers with the most appropriate solutions for various loading tools. Our solid crystal tools are mainly:
1. vacuum suction nozzle (engineering plastic suction nozzle, rubber suction nozzle, metal suction nozzle, ceramic suction nozzle, etc.)
2. silver paste distribution series (drip head, painting head, dispensing head, sticky head, etc.)
3. thimble and accessories series (tungsten steel thimble, high speed steel thimble, plastic thimble, thimble seat, thimble cap)
4. the automatic rubber needle washer is capable of cleaning all kinds of silver paste heads conveniently, stably and efficiently. Please refer to the catalogue of automation equipment for details.
JPM can customize various welding fixture for customers. The main products are:
1. ball welding process (pressing plate heating block, torch, ceramic tube, chopper screw, torque wrench, etc.)
2. wedge welding technology (press claw, conductor, cutter, metal chopper, equipment precision parts, etc.)
JPM can customize various sampling inspection tools for customers, supporting DAGE, ROYCE, XYZTec, Unitek and other equipment. The main products are welding line test crochet, welding ball push knife, chip push knife, test fixture and so on.
JPM can customize various testing tools for customers, such as test seats, test pieces, test clips and test pins, and various kinds of mouths and precision accessories used on the test machine.
Other tools include: split screw CS- machine model, dot glue head, cleaver pin CUP-25, OE test crochet, pump equipment, high temperature tape, material box, welding line plastic pen, vacuum pen, cart, stainless steel furniture
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