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China's machinery manufacturing industry Information Analysis and Suggestions
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State machinery manufacturing enterprise information construction is started, and has shown some effect, but its application size, scope, depth, there is a large gap compared with developed countries. In order to achieve China's machinery industry enterprises and products as soon as the adjustment and upgrading to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, we must accelerate and intensify efforts in the implementation of enterprise information, to the fierce competition in the market in an invincible position.
Industry Information Status

China Machinery Industry Federation, based on 166 machinery manufacturing business survey results, the characteristics of China's machinery manufacturing industry as well as information abroad, the development of machinery enterprises in China construction machinery manufacturing enterprise information status and the problems in the following analysis: Applying basic universal CAD 70% of key enterprises in CAD technology has been applied; "during the" 50 model enterprises has reached 93% penetration rate of CAD applications, CAD, drawing leading products 98%. CAD application, but there is still much limited depth, a considerable number of enterprises remain in the diagram, three-dimensional CAD, CAD / CAM, simulation design applications such as small; surveyed 166 enterprises in the structural optimization and only 16% , the simulation design and only 6%.

Made progress in information management industry, the majority of enterprises in the single business has a computer management, such as office, finance, personnel, inventory and so set up their own computer management information system, a considerable number of enterprises have begun to use MRPII / ERP software. Surveyed 166 enterprises in 63 has been applied, which used to finance 23% of cost management, supply management, 17%, 17% of inventory management, production management, 15%, 4% DSS.

Application of MRP Ⅱ / ERP more successful enterprises, tangible benefits, such as the procurement cycle can be shortened 60%, inventory reduced by 25% of funds used, cost accounting efficiency by more than 50 times and so on. However, the overall situation manufacturing, MRP Ⅱ / ERP applications are not widespread, even if the application has started, and also out of touch the modern enterprise management mode, the success rate is not high enough.

CIMS application be effective in some enterprises in the country CIMS demonstration project, 201 enterprises, machinery enterprises accounted for about 1 / 5; application of CIMS more successful enterprises, significantly improved overall competitiveness, from the acceptance of more than 50 companies have been perspective, the new shorter product development cycle by 1 / 3 to 1 / 2, capital stock takes a 20% compression, the output value increased 50% to 100%, managers reduced by 1 / 5 to 1 / 3, the production cycle time by 20% ~ 50%. However, many companies are still not achieve the desired results CIMS application.

Production management and process control automation has increased in the flexible production line, automatic production line, automatic testing line, modern logistics systems and warehouse automation of manufacturing processes, etc., in the basic conditions for the application of some good companies have improved the automation of production process and rapid response capability. But the input-output ratio is not ideal, did not play its due role.

Machinery manufacturing enterprises in the implementation of information problems

The face of enterprise information broad enough, the level is not high enough most of the machinery enterprises more successful implementation of information technology is a CAD application, but is still in the "rejection drawing board" stage. Three-dimensional product model-based CAD / CAM technology, not many enterprises, and has just started to realize a CAD / CAPP / CAM integration of enterprise applications less. Compared with the successful application of CAD, computer-aided management is lagging behind, although in the financial, personnel management of existing applications such as single and achieved some success, but successful implementation of MRP Ⅱ / ERP business is very small, internal and external information from the enterprises integration is still a considerable distance.

Effectiveness of implementation of enterprise information was not enough, even though many enterprises through the implementation of information technology has made considerable benefits, but in general, with the investment of funds, manpower, material, compared, and the effect is not big enough. Some enterprises in the process of implementation of information technology, the lack of overall information technology needs analysis and feasibility studies, information technology and business process optimization without portfolio, nor to enable enterprises to adapt to the production management, so an integrated enterprise information ineffective.

Information on the implementation of long-term, inadequate understanding of the complexity of some companies on the implementation of enterprise information construction of long-term, complex thinking lack of preparation, the project information is not strong, the investment of human, financial and material resources are not continuous, are often has a head no tail phenomenon. Information environment is not mature enough information in our society is still very low overall, many inadequate infrastructure and norms, also affect the development of enterprise information. Development of information resources such as duplication, poor access to information, sharing low. Lack of independent intellectual property rights, can promote the rapid development of the manufacturing sector, a certain amount of design and manufacturing software, management software and optimization software, software tools and integrated application platform. Independent development of CAD / CAM / CAPP / CAE, PDM, ERP, APC, RTO, MES software such as the maturity to be improved, the current share of the market share of less than 15%. Encourage more businesses to the relevant policy relevance is not strong, support was not able to guide enterprises to truly play a positive role in the implementation of information technology.

Machinery Manufacturing industry information proposed

The machinery manufacturing industry more professional, production mode and more, companies large and small, uneven levels of business management, information technology enterprises is not the same basic conditions, are not the same problem. Therefore, the implementation of information technology must be determined from the actual needs of enterprises of the scope of the information, content, progress. Propulsion machinery should adhere to the Information Work: Government to promote, market orientation, corporate body, the policy guidance, follow the engineering, integration, sharing the principles of efficiency, in close connection with the actual business, combined with enterprise restructuring and changes in production patterns, combined with mechanical adjustment of industrial structure.

Implementation of information technology enterprises in the process, the following principles should be followed

Enterprise information engineering principles involved in all aspects of internal and external, is itself a complex system works, it works in the implementation of the principle should be implemented in accordance with clear objectives and needs, determine the content and implementation modalities to implement, develop implementation plans and progress, from bottlenecks in production and operations to solve problems, we should pay attention to practical results, the use of both advanced and mature technology. The principles of enterprise information integration includes a number of information technology, enterprises involved in various business areas, often by a number of subsystems. Such as CAD, CAPP, CAM, MIS, FMS, PDM and other systems, only those system integration, optimization, collaborative work, in order to play the whole advantage of corporate information systems. As an enterprise, including a variety of different applications, some systems are not high degree of automation, need people to intervene, some features or even completed by hand, so the integration mentioned here include the automation system, semi-automated systems and the integration of people .

The purpose of the principles of information sharing is to improve the overall efficiency depends on the coordination of various functions of business applications. The sharing of information resources is to ensure coordination of various functions of business, only the sharing of information resources, to achieve rapid business decisions of enterprises, enhance their competitiveness.

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