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How do mechanical remanufacturing prospects in emerging markets
发布者:admin  日期:2010-1-4  点击:1558

Relevant to industry sources, China's remanufacturing industry already has a market, technology and policy favorable conditions. In the current domestic and international pressure to deal with energy shortages, the context, then the manufacturing sector will become a sunrise industry. Since reform and opening, China's imports of equipment alone to reach one trillion yuan, due to equipment maintenance technology gap, foreign machinery and equipment for 40 years, China may only use 20 years, if these devices can be repaired by re-manufacturing project, which will be a huge market.

    Experts believe that in the different grades of machinery products in China, there are different user groups, and diversified demand for the establishment of the remanufacturing industry as possible. With the volume of all types of machinery to maintain the rapid increase in the market, but also for China to carry out re-manufacturing and industrialization has created favorable conditions.

    Re-create the current global output has more than 1000 billion U.S. dollars, 75% from the United States, including cars and construction machinery re-manufacturing accounted for 2 / 3. In other countries, and then after 30 years of manufacturing development has become an important part of recycling economy. Remanufacturing not only saves the production line investment, energy and raw material consumption, but also greatly extend the life of the product, business opportunities, lucrative, is a huge market. China is the manufacture and use of power equipment, equipment, assets had reached tens of thousands of yuan, 14 major types of construction machinery to maintain capacity of 2.9 million units. With the retirement of machinery and equipment into the height of the remanufacturing industry in the community, resources, and environmental benefits, and other areas determined the development of remanufacturing industry is imperative. Most of our equipment is overloaded state, the current 80% of construction machinery in service more than shelf life, will be eliminated if the equipment repair products, will be able to lower the cost of access to higher returns and reduce energy consumption. Some experts predict that China's remanufacturing market, the size of each year up to 100 billion U.S. dollars.

    But we should also clearly aware of the factors restricting the development of remanufacturing.

    "A more than 200 kilograms of the engine box, just a bad bearing column, put the engine manufacturers are scrapped, while the value of the products all gone. In fact, take it again if the parts manufacturing, consumption less than 5% of the material can repair. "industry experts on the current waste of resources distressed companies, while supporting the proposed policy is not in place, human resources are scarce and bulk advantage has not yet formed, the three largest bottleneck in the development of remanufacturing industry .

    Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu Bin-shi analysis, in accordance with current national policies to manage the manufacturing industry and then manufacturing, allowing companies to specific policies by the government to contain relatively large, such as value-added tax can not solve the problem, if the 17% VAT rate, in re-manufacturing factories basically not much room for profit. As another example, the enterprises should be re-manufacturing of used engine, while the engine is no way to change a fixed number, and then produced by the engine after manufacturing can not be the same as the normal flow of goods. In addition, foreign to the old Pin re-manufacturer in China, as the "processing of supplied parts," but the country's current policy is as "foreign garbage", so that got stuck in the domestic manufacturing enterprises engaged in foreign parts and then purchase channels. "The general policy is very good, but the supporting policies are still inadequate, of course, this is a gradual adjustment to improve the process." Xu Bin-shi said that the situation may be, after the formal implementation of the Circular Economy Law will be changed to some extent. Currently, the National Development and Reform Commission approved 14 companies as the remanufacturing industry of the pilot, the purpose is to identify which policies need to be adjusted.

    For this emerging market, machinery remanufacturing, any kind of product in terms of how good the concept is given, must be subjected to market testing can only reflect their own values. It should be said, a reliable quality assurance, good price is to be manufactured products with strong competitiveness and a precondition for acceptance by the market. We hope that in the next period of time, re-manufacturing machinery of the industry moving in that direction.

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